History of closure


Hungaro-Len Ltd made the decision to stop it’s production in 2019 based on economic outlook.

At the same time flax spinning, as a traditional acitivity ends in Hungary, since 1904 it played a decisive and town-shaping role in the life of the city Komárom.

The management of the company organised a soft-landing of the activity taking into account the ethical standstill, the interests of workers, customers and city administration.

We produced „HUNGARO-LEN’’ BRAND

“Hundreds of customers across all continents”



We would like to thank the former colleagues of Hungaro-Len for their conscientious work, their devoted activity allowed to make a worthy end.

We thank our customers, business partners for their many years of cooperation.

We would like to thank all members of the volunteer advisory team for their professional work in supporting the crisis management.