Unique and informative exhibition was oragnized about passion for linen on Via Montenapoleone in Milan in May 2017. Designer Philippe Nigro has dreamed a beautiful flax world in the middle of Milan. Aim of the installation was to show to general public the process from plant to consumer goods like dresses, shirts, bed linen or even technical textiles.

The event highlighted how durable, inevitable disposable, environmentally friendly, multifariuos and fine is linen. Mr. Nigro used and placed diferrent tools like 1500 meters of linen textile for decoration, graphic statement, bales of fax straw, multicolored fabric rolls and spools, all draw attention to the miracle of flax. 60.000 packets of flax seeds were gifted to visitors in order to pot them and grow plants. Fascinating point was that famous actor John Malkovich stars in commercials announcing his love for linen.

ami lino linen and flax

Spinners and weavers certified by MASTERS OF LINEN® like Hungaro-Len Ltd. strain after preserving European agriculture and industry, its regional origins and its inherent non-relocatable know-how.

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